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About In The Kitchen

In the Kitchen Miami focuses on all things food and beverage, providing a wide range of cooking classes, for all levels.  Dedicated to inspiring and instructing the home cook and food enthusiast, hands-on classes are intimate and interactive with no more than 16 students per session.

“We are in danger, and it is significant danger of losing the centuries long often tutorials of one generation passing the gift and life-sustaining knowledge of cooking. Never before has there been such fragmentation of the family tribe. Never before has it been so clear that for humanity to have any chance of not losing the connections forever we must re-grasp the ways now.”

Classes range from the most basic kinds of culinary instruction to ‘master classes’ even seasoned professionals will want to attend. You can come occasionally or as often as you wish. You can come with friends or solo. We have over 160 classes envisioned, with more being added monthly as our interest and curiosities navigate us through the world of cuisine. We also have an extensive youth and family program for children ages 5 to 16. We will bring in guest teachers and famed chefs, winemakers, farmers, fishermen, cheese makers etc. from around the world and around the corner.

Additionally, we offer retail goods that we feel empower you to make food more delicious and give you an edge in meal preparation—the same products we use in this kitchen and our homes.

In the Kitchen Miami is available for Private and Corporate Events such as: cocktail parties, team building and more, and can be designed in a myriad of ways.

ITK is not defined by boundaries nor borders … but guided and inspired by our passion for food, education and community.

This class was not only incredibly well organized, but highly engaging and rapidly became one of the highlights of the children’s week. I was particularly impressed that she was able to translate her own obvious expertise into language that the children were able to understand and learn from. She took the children through weekly ‘food journeys’, choosing topics that were varied and stimulating. These ranged from the clearly entertaining ‘chocolate’ theme, to other food groups, which would appear less immediately appealing to children, such as ‘herbs’ ‘spices’ and ‘fruit’, but which solicited the same high levels of engagement from the children. Each lesson was the perfect balance of theory, practice and tasting, meaning that the children, although young, remained engaged throughout and were encouraged to experiment with new foods and tastes which they would otherwise have avoided.
Samantha Gleave – Parent