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Controversies over the birthplace of certain dishes are part of the spice of life and landscape of any cuisine. A spirited discussion revolves around the origin of ceviches. This seafood favorite, made of raw fish and/or barely blanched shellfish marinated in citrus juices and laced with various adornments many maintain, was bestowed upon the world at large via ancient Peru. Or not… Perhaps the most romantic story holds that ceviche was invented so that an Incan emperor, high up in his Andean citadel in Cusco, could enjoy fresh fish despite his remote location from the sea. The fish, caught on Read More

An Interview with Norman Van Aken

Tell us about your formative years and how did you find your way into the culinary field to become widely known as ‘the founding father of New World Cuisine’. NVA: My ‘formative years’ eh? I first must tell you that I wrote a memoir on this which goes into some length on them. It is titled, “No Experience Necessary, The Culinary Odyssey of Chef Norman Van Aken”. The title is a somewhat wry one in that once I got into the kitchens of an America that were so much less evolved than the ones we have now a days… I Read More

The Concept & Mission of “In the Kitchen with Norman Van Aken”

To debut our blog we want to let you know some of the basics of why we have created our Cooking School. After this blog post we will be getting into the delicious, vital, ever-changing and sensuous world of food. But let me begin where we began with just Candace and me a little while back. There is a disparity today in this country between food knowledge and food preparation skills.  We eat out in increasing numbers at fine dining establishments.  We have celebrity chefs.  Food programming on TV is at an all-time high and the media is inundating us Read More