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Yaniv Cohen

a close up Chef Yaniv Cohen reading his cook book

Yaniv Cohen’s passion for food began at the age of 5, when he was put in charge of helping his mother cook and set the table. He grew up in Israel, but his mix of North African and Middle Eastern roots helped shape his eclectic and unique dishes. He was fascinated by the colours, scents, origins and properties of the spices used in his culture, using them to explore the endless possibilities of food presentation.

Through his exploration of culinary herbs and spices, Yaniv became fascinated with the medicinal properties of food, herbs and spices. His goal as “The Spice Detective” is to delve further into the world of culinary herbs and spices to develop his knowledge of food as medicine. His passion for food and culture led him to open JAFFA in the Miami Design District, in collaboration with St. Roch Market. In addition, Yaniv combines his passion for food and his love for Israel by leading culinary trips to explore the Land and all that Israeli cuisine has to offer.

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